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    HomeAbout UsBusiness ScopeEquipment LeasingServiceFeedbackContact Us
    Company Name:Xuzhou Infrastructure Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
    Mobile Telephone :130139 55588
    Contact Phone:0516-66668000
    Tencent QQ: 873931117
    EMAIL: xzjijian@163.com
    Address:Huiyuan Landmark II # 1 -1-1012 Liberation North Road, Xuzhou City
    Web Urlwww.jijiancn.com
    Location:Home » About Us

    Xuzhou Infrastructure Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Xuzhou, a famous beautiful historic cultural city.
    Xuzhou Infrastructure Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in distributing all kinds of whole machines and parts manufactured by Xuzhou Construction Machinery Science & Technology Co., Ltd., such as rollers, loaders, truck cranes, pavers, graders, road mix machines, excavators, and etc. The business scope also includes: parts of all kinds of graders and rollers manufactured by Tiangong and Luoyang, as well as lease and repair service of construction equipments. With high quality marketing staff and skilled mechanics, our company provides first-class products and perfect pre-sales, on-sale and after-sales services. The company has Parts Department, Leasing Department, and Repair Department. With the work style of “Integrity, Professionalism, Hard working, and Deploitation”, the company makes full use of the available local resources, and optimally serves construction enterprises and parts sales enterprises.

    With the increasing construction machinery export of Xugong Group in recent years, our company also enlarges the export business of construction machines and parts. We can transact various businesses for customers such as entrance fee, customs declaration, sea freight and air freight, and we will try to send every parts of Xugong machinery to customers all around the world with the least time, the most safe way, and excellent service.

    Sincerely welcome customers both home and abroad to negotiate with us!

    Business Scope:
    Wholesale parts of various types of loaders, rollers, truck cranes, graders, pavers, and road mix machines manufactured by Xugong, as well as parts of home made and imported excavators and underground carry-scrapers.

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    (C) 2011 Xuzhou Infrastructure Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. TEL:0516-66668000
    Address:Huiyuan Landmark II # 1 -1-1012 Liberation North Road, Xuzhou City
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